Idler Pulley Assembly for Nucleon

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  • Supre Drive component

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Supre Drive component: Idler Pulley


Our idler pulley has 22 teeth, which is more teeth than the pulleys on most other high pivot bikes. This contributes to making the Supre Drive efficient, because the more teeth a sprocket has, the more efficient it is. The pulley sprocket and the spacers are CNC machined and anodized in BC, Canada. The anodizing is thin and clear for protection from oxidation while retaining a raw look. Our idler pulley has great bearing longevity due to the combination of a large stainless steel ball bearing with a labyrinth seal on both sides. Labyrinth seals are a narrow circuitous path that blocks water and dirt without increasing rotational friction. Like the rest of the Supre Drive, this idler pulley is designed for performance and durability.

Overview of the Supre Drive on


  • 22 teeth for high efficiency
  • labyrinth sealed
  • Enduro stainless steel bearing
  • clear anodized 7075 aluminum
  • made in Canada