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  • Supre Drive component

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Supre Drive component: Cartridge


The Supre chain tensioner cartridge includes the spring and damper of our chain tensioner system. On conventional derailleurs, the damper is called a clutch, and it functions with sliding friction. In the Supre chain tensioner, the damping is hydraulic, which has the benefit of not wearing out, with no loss of damping force over time. Hydraulic damping also has the advantage of being speed-sensitive, with faster motion of the tensioner arm causing higher damping force. This reduces interference with shifting, and it increases damping when plowing, keeping the drivetrain quiet.

Overview of the Supre Drive on


  • works in conjunction with our chain tensioner arm
  • includes a coil spring and an well-sealed hydraulic damper
  • strong damping force, with no loss of damping over time
  • made in Canada