Tensioner Arm


This is the chain tensioner arm of the Supre Drive that works with a chain tensioner cartridge to provide excellent chain stability.

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Supre Drive component: Tensioner Arm


The Supre Drive's chain tensioner arm pivots around the bottom bracket axis for tensioning the chain. On conventional derailleur drivetrains, the chain tensioner arm (or cage) hangs off the derailleur and is vulnerable, but on the Supre Drive, it's protected at the middle of the bike.

This tensioner arm is designed to work with a separate chain tensioner cartridge that together, offer several performance benefits. The tensioner arm has an innovative design that produces constant chain tension in all gears. This contributes to the Supre Drive being more energy efficient (less drag) than other high pivot drivetrains.

The body of this chain tensioner arm is CNC machined at Lal Bikes on the Sunshine Coast in BC. It pivots around the BB shell on a thin section ball bearing. Its pulley is also CNC machined by us but out of acetal (high performance plastic), and this pulley spins on a stainless steel ball bearing that's further protected by a laybrinth seal.

Our tensioner arm is incompatible with current-day Raceface chainrings because these protrude inward. It is however compatible with NS Billet chainrings, Hope chainrings, older Raceface chainrings, and all other chainrings that don't protrude inward. Also, it's compatible with chainring sizes from 28 to 34 teeth.

Overview of the Supre Drive on lalbikes.com


  • works in conjunction with our chain tensioner cartridge
  • produces constant chain tension in all gears
  • labyrinth sealed pulley bearing
  • tensioner arm body CNC machined out of 7075 aluminum
  • made in Canada