Idler Pulley Kit

This idler pulley kit works with the derailleur and chain tensioner to form the complete Supre Drive. It's efficient and durable, with 22 teeth to minimize drag, and a stainless steel bearing that's protected from the elements by a labyrinth seal.

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This idler pulley is machined out of 7075 aluminum and clear anodized so that you can admire the high quality machining which is done in BC, Canada. You may wonder why our idler pulley is so big - this is because the larger a sprocket or pulley, the more efficient it becomes. With 22 teeth, our idler pulley is larger than the idler pulleys of other high pivot bikes (with the exception of the Contra MC), which is key to making the Supre Drive more efficient with almost no added drag. In addition to being efficient, this pulley is durable. Due to the low cross chaining angles of the Supre Drive, the wear rate on these pulleys is low. The sealed, stainless steel bearing is protected by a labyrinth seal that's designed into the pulley, bolt, and spacer that mesh together to block contamination.


  • 22 teeth for high efficiency
  • narrow-wide tooth profile
  • CNC machined and clear anodized 
  • stainless steel bearing
  • labyrinth seal to block contamination
  • made in Canada